At Empower the Athlete, we often talk about ways to address the overwhelming cost of a college education.  Depending on the sport, seeking an athletic scholarship might not be the best way to mitigate high tuitions.  Applicants should also consider other ways to reduce tuition: merit based scholarship, in-state tuition, and financial aid.  To understand…»

Rebecca R. Ruiz recently wrote a post titled “Colleges Increasingly Look for Applicants Who Can Pay Full Price“ for the NYTimes online college admissions blog. The skyrocketing cost of college has become one of the top factors in influence a students decision of where to go. Many schools that had opted to go “need blind”…»

This former NCAA D1 athlete will always be remembered as an american hero. On September 4th, ESPN aired an Outside the Lines piece on Welles Crowther, a hero from 9.11. Welles was working as an equity trader in the World Trade Center on the fateful day.  He easily could’ve evacuated his building, but instead chose…»

What FISKE Has to Say The Block Plan is CC’s calling card. It is great for in-depth study and field trips but less suited to projects that take an extended period of time. The Rockies draw outdoor enthusiasts and East Coasters who want to ski. CC is the only top liberal arts college between Iowa…»

Dr. Ellen J. Staurowsky recently wrote a very interesting and thought provoking article for College Sports Business News in which she discusses the actual growth of men’s lacrosse, and whether or not Title IX has been a “Roadblock” or a catalyst for that growth.  Her article is a response to a discussion between broadcasters, during…»

The majority of the country’s colleges and universities require applicants submit scores for either the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) or ACT (American College Testing Program).  Of “The Big Five” items that factor into college acceptance, standardized test scores rank at or near the top.  On average, a high school student only spends 10 hours preparing…»

USNews Summary of Dickinson Dickinson College is a private institution that was founded in 1783. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,376, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 308 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Dickinson College’s ranking in the 2011 edition of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges,…»

What FISKE Has to Say Syracuse has recast itself to make undergraduate education a top priority.  Offerings such as the Gateway program provide small classes for first-year students.  World famous in communications, Syracuse is also strong in engineering and public affairs.  Big East basketball provides solace during long winter nights. Admissions and other important Statistics…»

In an effort to get more information out to high school players and their families about what’s what with the summer recruiting camps, Empower the Athlete will be featuring camps on our Advisor Blog.  Our aim is to find out what makes each camp or tournament unique and why its worth your time and money….»

Empower the Athlete has been receiving a lot of questions lately about the “Post Graduate” (“PG”) Year.  An extra year of high school is a big commitment, and private schools that take PGs are both challenging and financially costly.  So the big question remains “is taking a PG Year a good idea for you?”  Empower…»